Service description

Functions for the user

  • Search free rooms, Selecting a free space, Creating a reservation for the selected area.
  • Storing subscriber names on a reservation. Each participant, for which an email address is entered, receives a notification by e-mail.
  • Ability ot order additional technical equipment or catering.
  • Automatic sending of order emails to the preset recipient addresses for technology and catering service.
  • Display the booking confirmation with print function, emailing the booking confirmation to the booking party and the organizer.
  • Ability to create bookings on areas which require a confirmation by a manager.
  • Ability to create bookings for other users.
  • Interactive Gantt Chart view with scaling levels month, week, day and selection options according to room type and building.
  • Changing of own bookings (changing room, participants, organizers, if necessary, subject and note).
  • Cancelling of own bookings (within the cancellation period, which can be set by the administrator)
  • Searching and displaying of own bookings.
  • Booking lists can be sorted by any column displayed (up to 3 sort criteria).
  • Creating series Bookings.
additional in Pro:
  • Send and receive calendar events.
  • Enhanced Gantt chart view to display additional information.
  • Booking search for Organizers subject and comments.

Functions for the technology service

All user functions and additional:
  • View a list of all equipment bookings in a selectable time period.

Functions for the catering service

All user functions and additional:
  • View a list of all catering bookings in a selectable time period.

Manager Functions

All user functions and additional:
  • Advanced booking search for displaying reservation lists for various selection criteria, sortable by each column displayed (up to 3 sort criteria)
  • Send an email confirmation to the requestor after the confirmation of a booking.
  • Confirmation of the area requirement or system-supported search for an alternative free area
  • List the area booking requests for confirmation.
additional in Pro:
  • Blocking times for rooms.

Administrator Functions

all Mananager functions and additional:
  • Creating buildings, floors and areas
  • Creating room types with and without administrator Process
  • Creating rooms, incl. Uploading room images that are displayed to users in the details view
  • Creating seating, incl. Uploading seating images
  • Creating technology types and technology items to display as bookable technology elements
  • Creating catering types as bookable catering elements
  • Fast creation of rooms and technical and service types over a wizard
  • Tree-like view on buildings / floors / areas and rooms
  • Allocation of fixed technology equipment to areas
  • Allocation of additional bookable technology and catering
  • Creating users and assigning a role (user, technical service, service provider, space manager, administrator)
  • Setting application runtime parameters.
additional in Pro:
  • Authorization system for users by applying individual room / user groups
  • Cost accounting and billing, creating activity types and allocation to cost centers
  • Cost Report, Export to CSV
  • RESTful API to query accounting data and creating your own reports, for example an agenda. Query room information and create bookings.


  • Encryption of communication between browser and server (SSL)
  • Available in German and English

Technical Requirements

  • Internet connection
  • Line bandwidth: recommended: 256 kbit / s
  • Up to date Web Browser, JavaScript and cookies must be enabled,


  • Free for the first 2 months after registration
  • Prices for Hosting
  • In-house installations on request

Service and Support

  • In application online support and Supportforum.
  • Error messages and the elimination of recognized bugs are free of charge.
  • Daily Fully automatic backup, AES encrypted
  • Customizing your online account to your liking:
    • E-Mail Templates
    • Reports
    • Themes

Apply the  Terms of use.

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