12/9/2014 — DISPROOM

Version 4.4.0 released

  • Feature: Room short term controls sorting of the rooms. The short name must be unique from now on.
  • Feature: Rating on acquisition of room to recurring appointments. Every available room and matching is assessed in the room with the most points "wins":
    • Same room: +100 pts.
    • Same type of room: +2 pts.
    • Same building: + 2pts.
    • Number of participants corresponds opt. Number of room: +1 pt.
    • Room has already been requested for an appointment: -1pt.
  • Pro feature: Day view can display core time only, use 24-hour format. For example, 8-24, default is 0-24 and shows the day view as before.
  • Pro feature: Control which email will be shipped by overwriting the mail templates: If no email is to be sent, simply create an empty template with the appropriate template name. Attention, the corresponding template must exist in multilingualism for each language.
  • Bugfix: IndexService with its own thread factory shutdown of Ehcache improved redeployment of the application.
  • Bugfix: MailWorkItem with ID. Ensures that messages that are sent with a delay, can be overwritten. (Drag'n'Drop in booking overview)
  • Bugfix: Paging on different similarity lists pages (space list, book list, etc.), proper implementation of the styles for paging header.
  • Bugfix: JScript stores cookie settings with the booking calendar.
  • Bugfix: Several small adjustments to text + error messages in English and German.
  • Bugfix: Loading of already requested rooms (room manager assignment). Display of message text only if requested rooms are in room selection create when booking available now.
  • Bugfix: Calculation of booking history technology + service.

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Disporoom offers even more possibilities to manage your rooms or other resources such as sports fields, jobs ...  etc. and publish them on your own website.