Version 4.2.0 released

The new version 4.2.0 has been released. In addition to minor bug fixes, new features have been included in the free online version.


  • Drag'n'drop in the booking calendar: As a registered user you can move existing reservations directly to another room, adjust booking times and create new bookings.
  • Scheduler: With this "personal organizer" you can find a free date with your colleagues and participants. In the first step, Google Calendar are supported. This means that you can show busy times of a shared Google Calendar in an overview display. The calendar must be shared by the owner of the Google calendar with the disporoom application before. From the scheduler, you can immediately create a reservation in the Disporoom booking process.
  • Program Parameters: e-mail alerts for account on / off

How it all works? Please use the Online Help in DISPOROOM!

The following reported Bugs are fixed:

  • Rooms are not found although free, ad-ready times in Occupancy
  • Typos in text
  • Room blocks are now properly reclassified together with combined rooms
Good luck!

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Disporoom offers even more possibilities to manage your rooms or other resources such as sports fields, jobs ...  etc. and publish them on your own website.