Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Questions about the reservation process

Can I book a reservation with an entire floor, or an entire building?

Ja, das ist möglich. Dazu legen Sie einen neuen Raum an. Über die Flächenverwaltung des Raumes legen Sie fest, welche Flächen gebucht werden. Wenn also eine ganze Etage gebucht werden soll, wählen Sie einfach alle Flächen der gewünschten Etage aus. Soll das ganze Gebäude gebucht werden, sind alle Flächen des Gebäudes auszuwählen. Diesem Raum geben Sie einen entprechenden Namen, z.B. "1. OG Verwaltungsgebäude".

Yes, this is possible. To do this, create a new room. On the area management of the room to determine which areas are booked. So if an entire floor to be booked, just select all of the areas to the desired floor. To be able to create a reservtion for a complete building, all areas of the building must be selected. Name this room  eg "1st floor office building." to make crear that booking this room will create a reservation for the whole floor.

Why can I not see the bookings menu after login?

Probably you have logged in with the user data from the registry. This administrator can have a different password than the DISPOROOM administrator. Go to the User Management and change the password for your active user and assign him a system role.

Administrative issues

How can I reset my password?

Resetting is done by your account administrator. If you are administrator, then please use the "Forgot Password?" function. You will receive an email with the new password to the address you provided when creating your account. Please change your password with the user administration of DISPOROOM after you received a new generated one.

Can we use our own mailserver to send DISPOROOM system mails?

This feature is only available with inhouse installation.

Disporoom offers even more possibilities to manage your rooms or other resources such as sports fields, jobs ...  etc. and publish them on your own website.